03/22 Movement of the Earth

Movement of the Earth

3/22(Fri.) 21:30

2224 studio
No. 26, Alley 1, Lane 426, Jinzhou St, Jhongshan District Taipei City

Use of pre-recorded soundscapes with sound objects or instruments played live to create sound atmospheres. Re-create the sound of the movement of the earth, it's changes... it's groove... it's death and born... it's mutations... the cries of it's beings... the solids and the liquids... the air and the fire... the sky and the human being... All together make and unique harmonic sound. Are not the sound of the spheres, but the sound of the earth breathing and continuously mutating. The human body moving through music, in its own represents the earth transformations.


Computer & instruments & Piezo microphones: Fao
Movements: Ash

Fabian Torres (Aka. Fao) is a Colombian composer/performer and percussionist. Fao explored the Electroacustic and Noise genders since 2001. Mainly Playing in south America and Asia, exploring their traditional music and the possible blending with experimental music.




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